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While each case is different, we can generally quote a fixed fee for the services we render. While there can be some variations based on the facts of each case and the complexity of the matters involved, in the normal case our fees are as follows:

Probate - $1,500
This fee includes obtaining the necessary information from the client, the preparation of the documents needed to file for an informal probate, filing the documents with the court and obtaining an order appointing the appropriate person as the personal representative for a decedent’s estate. An informal probate is normally used when there are no disputes between the heirs about who should be appointed as the personal representative and no disputes about what document constitutes the Last Will and Testament of the decedent.

Tax Audits - $1,275
The fee for representing a client during a tax audit is generally $1,275. This includes meeting with the client to assist them in getting ready for the audit, representing the client when he or she meets with the IRS auditor and advising the client about any proposed audit adjustments. In some cases, the IRS auditor will attempt to get a client to agree to audit changes that may be inappropriate. We assist the client to evaluate the proposed adjustments and assist the client as to determine which adjustments to accept and which adjustments not to accept.

IRS Appeals - $1500
If the client does not agree with the proposed adjustments, we advise them as to the appropriate course of action to take. In many cases, we can resolve matters with the auditor or her manager. If it seems appropriate to appeal the auditor's adjustments, we prepare the documentation to appeal the adjustments and represent the client before the IRS Appeals Office. If we represent you during the audit, our fee for handling the appeal is $950.

Tax Court Litigation- $2,500
In some cases it is better to file a Petition in the U.S. Tax Court to resolve a tax dispute. In these cases, we charge $2,500 to prepare the Petition, submit it on a client's behalf and negotiate with the government to reach a resolution. A very high percentage of Tax Court cases are settled without going to trial because the government considers the hazards of litigation at this point. This means that the government and the taxpayer evaluate the costs of litigation, the issues involved, the evidence available and the chance for success at trial. In the rare case that goes to trial, we will again determine a fee for this service.

Offers in Compromise - $2,500
Client's frequently come to us after a tax deficiency has been assessed against them which they do not have the ability to pay. We assist our clients with an Offer in Compromise or an installment agreement. An Offer in Compromise is an arrangement where the government accepts cents on the dollar to settle your tax obligation. To achieve this result, we make a careful analysis of the client's assets, liabilities, income and expenses to demonstrate to the government that the amount of the offer exceeds the government's collection potential. As part of this process, we assist the client to evaluate other ways to deal with their tax deficiencies, such as installment arrangements (discussed below), abatement of penalties, innocent spouse relief, bankruptcy, etc. We charge $975 to perform this analysis.

If the client decides to proceed with an offer in compromise, we charge $700 to prepare the documentation to submit the offer and to cover our time in negotiating with the IRS on your behalf to reach the lowest settlement amount. The balance of the fee is to cover our time in dealing with the IRS regarding a client’s offer.

If the taxpayer determines that an installment arrangement would be a more viable solution after our analysis, we charge $250 to prepare the documentation to submit an installment agreement proposal to the IRS and to cover our time in negotiating the terms of the installment agreement. In many cases, we are able to demonstrate to the IRS that the client has the ability to pay only a minimal amount toward their tax obligation based upon the IRS National Collection Standards. Even though the amount you pay will never pay the tax obligation in full, your tax obligation will drop off 10 years from the date the tax was assessed.

Other Matters
We also represent clients with respect to various other matters, such as requests for innocent spouse relief, removal or subordination of tax liens, release of tax levies and tax garnishments and other tax matters. We can generally quote a fixed fee to these additional services as well. We have found that our client's appreciate having a fixed fee, because they do not have to worry that they will be billed for each meeting or phone call. We have found that a fixed fee arrangement creates a better working relationship between us and our clients.

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