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J. Craig Carmen Salt Lake City Tax Attorney


Martindale-Hubbell Rating

Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings are the gold standard in attorney ratings and have been for more than a century. Martindale-Hubbell uses three ratings to help clients understand the skill and experience of an attorney. AV is the highest level of the rating system. Only lawyers who reach the highest level of professional excellence by their peers receive this award. Additionally, in order to be AV-rated, an attorney must have high ethical standards. Mr. Carman has received the AV Rating from Martindale-Hubbell for many years.

His 2017 AV Preeminent™ Rating is now the highest possible qualification that Martindale-Hubbell can bestow upon an attorney. As a client, you have assurance and peace of mind when you choose an attorney with this rating that you are in good hands and that your best interests will always be top priority.



Personal Client Review


"Craig Carman is someone I highly recommend as a professional attorney. He has many years of experience working with the IRS. Personally I can say that while handling my case, he was exceptional! He was very professional and knew just how to represent me. I learned a lot from him especially about patience and how to express myself without getting upset.

Mr. Carman, both personally and professionally, is a person with values, a quality and trustworthy person, and incredible. But above all he is very professional in his role as an attorney.  

Mr. Carman was very fair in what he charged us and on some occasions he didn’t charge us for extra consultations. Mr. Carman has a passion for what he does and helps people because he cares.   

I am so thankful to God for having put him in my path to represent me in my case with the IRS. We won the case after three hard years and he was with us every step of the way. Thank you Craig for your dedication, compassion, patience, and hard work! "

- Marko Soto



"I have never written a review in my life. Under most circumstances, such a review is irrelevant to the reader. However, when referring to tenants of time, money, and integrity, this review will be worth your time. Most people when they think of Attorney's they think of someone unfair or dishonest. Mr. Carman impressed me by going above and beyond what any other attorney has ever done for me. Mr. Carman was kind, equitable, and honest for starters.

Having been employed with some of the world's most renowned financial institution, I understand very well the meaning of the words professionalism, service, and being the best at what you do. When legal queries are required, we all want someone who is articulate, fair, and willing to place our interest above a self-serving agenda. Mr. Carman not only knows and cares, understanding that his counsel has the power and ability to alter the life of the inquirer.

Mr. Carman returned my call within one hour of leaving him a voice message. He was very generous, gracious, and kind with his time. His knowledge of the law is exquisite, impeccable, and informative understanding the dynamic of the ever changing tax laws. Mr. Carman was friendly, nonjudgmental and made me feel comfortable without feeling inadequate or defensive.

Dare I say an attorney who is honest, knowledgeable, sincere, professional, timely, fair, merciful, and kind with a desire to assist others? The answers is a resounding yes! There is no price that can compensate the valuable insight given to me today. I highly recommend Mr. Carman to all who want the best attorney in the complex tax arena. Your time is best served by calling Mr. Carman first. I am confident if he is unable to assist you with your legal problem he will direct you to someone who can. Mr. Carman is simple the best!"

- Shayne Faulkner



" It's an absolute pleasure for me to share the experience I had while working with Mr. Craig Carman. I was referred to Mr. Carman by my tax accountant because I was in need of financial guidence and IRS tax help. After Mr. Carman spoke with an Appeals Settlement Officer for the IRS, it was advised that I apply for an Offer in Compromise. Initially, I had no idea of the length of time and the necessary paperwork that would be involved. For a little more than a year, Mr. Carman worked diligently to see that my end result was a success.

There were various required forms and necessary financials that I needed to complete, disclose, and update in a timely manner. Mr. Carman's knowledge of these forms and his expertise was a huge advantage in working with the IRS. After many months continually providing information and updated paperwork, the process finally paid off. Mr. Carman was always thorough, precise, and timely. I could tell by the way he communicated with me that he was respectful to all the people involved, which resulted in a true victory for me.

I would highly recommend Mr. Craig Carman for any tax advice. His kindness will never be forgotten. Not only are my finances on the right track, my life is forever changed for the better."

- Dawnee M. Johnston



"I wanted to share with you that I received all Releases of Federal Tax Liens. You’ll be happy to know that I am current in my estimated taxes and I will never find myself in that position again. You helped me tremendously and changed my position in life to an extreme I can’t explain and I will be forever grateful to YOU!"

- Dawnee M. Johnston



"Today I got a letter from the IRS stating, "No change". I think this means that there will be no change to my 2015 taxes.  It also indicated that they might give me a refund for the additional items that I found where I previously didn't include deductions. It may be early, but I think this may be a win.

I could not have done this without you! You encouraged me to be persistent and keep responding, stick with the facts, be polite, don't get emotional, answer each and every issue the IRS brought up, etc.  Your advice and coaching was key to dealing with it. At times I wanted to give up, concede, just pay. So much documentation!

It makes me wonder how many have gone before me and could not stay the course, end up giving up, giving in, and quitting, then paying when they should not have.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

- Dan Anderson